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Heels Foundation


Our Heels classes bring you back to the fundamentals and are intended to strengthen your movements, harmonies, and core in your favorite high heels! This dance class aims to give you the confidence that you always wanted while wearing your sexiest heels.

In this Heels Class, you will be taught posture, finesse, and control along with an introduction to choreography in an environment that is diverse, enjoyable, safe, and beginner-friendly.

Your dance instructors will assist you to address the principles of donning, strolling, swaggering, and heel posing. You will also discover personalized methods to further establish your heels persona in case you already have prior heels experience. Everyone’s free to come!

Reinforce your body while relishing confidence! Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, discover a soundtrack of enriching hits that will allow you to show off and express your personality.

Here’s what you’ll get from this class:

  • Learn how to confidently to strut in heels.
  • Learn the fundamental heel dancing style as you embrace your femininity.
  • Focus on rhythms, grooves, legwork, and a few hair whips to make heel dancing ferocious, flirtatious, and comfortable.
  • Find interesting ways to be innovative with music and motion
    Understand how to pick up dance routines and keep up with the choreography better.

Take your favorite pair of comfy heels and get ready to bust a move with old or new friends!

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