Say Yaas To The Beats! Dance Like A Star With Celebrity Dance Classes At Yas Music and Dance

Say Yaas To The Beats! Dance Like A Star With Celebrity Dance Classes At Yas Music and Dance

Dancing has been around since the beginning of time. It is an expression of art. Like any kind of art, it has several varieties. There’s jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, funk, and many others. As time passes, more and newer dance genres come up. Many Dance Studios offer lessons to people wanting to learn how to dance. Today, Celebrity Dance Classes have become a trend for the past few years.

What Are Celebrity Dance Classes?

During the late 90s and early 2000s, The rising popularity of Pop Groups has paved the way for choreographers to capitalize on their talent and instill unforgettable dance steps to audiences, think STEPS, Spice Girls, Nsync, Backstreet Boys.

Since then, music artists have included memorable choreography in their music videos. Back then the best choreographers work exclusively with big entertainment companies.

Today, as access to information and services has become easier, the emergence of Celebrity choreographers has become a commodity.

Celebrity Dance Classes are dancing lessons conducted by celebrity choreographers-these are the people who train, choreograph and work closely with celebrities. Your days of browsing through Social Media for Dance Tutorials from Celebrity choreographers will be over soon, especially if you’re living in the UAE.

At Yas Music and Dance, we bring you international Celebrity choreographers fresh from L.A, California, home to Hollywood and the best dance artists, to the UAE to bring you Celebrity Dance Classes in Dubai.

Feel Like A Celebrity

If you wish to take your dancing skills up a notch, now is the time to consider taking celebrity dance classes here at Yas. Several studios in Dubai offer dance classes but only a few if not, none are offering celebrity dance classes.

What sets Yas Music and Dance apart is the pool of talent and international network of celebrity choreographers in our repertoire. Our Dance instructors have worked with artists like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Black-eyed peas and a lot more. They also have participated in major award shows and global concerts.

Great Way to Stay Fit

Ever wondered why artists like Jennifer Lopez stay fit? It’s because they train with celebrity choreographers frequently. Dancing is a great workout for your body. It also removes stress. An hour of dance training can let you burn as much as 500 calories.

Not only can it keep your health in check, but it could also improve your confidence. Our dance instructors have years of experience in the industry, so they know how to work with different kinds of people of all ages.

Whether you are someone who would like to usher in a healthier lifestyle, or simply hone your dancing skills taking Celebrity Dance Classes at Yas Music and Dance will bring you closer to your goals. Visit us at our studio today.

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